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History of ANHS

The Alegria National High School (ANHS)

  School Vision An empowered Alegria National High School is committed to produce value laden students who are environment conscious and culturally sensitive, equipped with basic literacy and livelihood skills capable of becoming good citizens of the community

The foundation day of Alegria National High School was based on pioneering efforts of the responsible public officials and parents whose dreams were for community development. The turning point of impossibility to possibility was being propelled by the spirit of volunteerism.

It was in the infancy stage of the Municipality of Alegria when the Alegria Elementary School P.T.A Officials called for general meeting attended by the appointed Mayor of Alegria, Honorable Mayor Tomas Cosca, Barangay Captain Absalon Beberino and other Municipal Officials of the new Municipality.

The specific objectives of the meeting was to request the national government for a barangay high school since it was a common problem of those who are in the lower bracket to send their children in higher education.

The Municipal Officials, Barangay Officials, and P.T.A created a joint resolution authored by Mr. Vicente Moril addressed to the Congressman of Surigao del Norte, the late Congressmen Constantino Navarro Sr. requesting him to pass a resolution in congress for a barangay high school to be granted in the Municipality of Alegria, Province of Surigao del Norte.

It was in the month of June 1966 when the ground breaking ceremony of Alegria Barangay High School was done in the campus of Alegria Elementary School, a temporary building of light materials was constructed by parents and teachers who rendered voluntary services; they were Mr. Eleuterio Pongcol, the PTA President and Mr. Francisco Saubon, the Practical Arts Teacher. Two-year levels were automatically offered. There was a hard time for then to handle classes simultaneously, which was acted upon from morning and noon session. Volunteer teachers from the elementary were Mrs. Enriquita C. Borinaga, Mrs. Marilyn . Galve, Mr. Ariston Lansin, Mrs. Nelly Lansin and Miss Maria Loreto Maglaque. Mr. Raymundo Mordeno Sr was the school principal during that period.

By the year 1968 – 1969 the first graduation was made. There were 46 pioneering graduates of the said Alegria Barangay High School. Mrs. Erlinda B. Silvosa was one of the pioneering graduates on that school year, who is teaching in the said school from 1976 to the present.

Although there were many problems arises during that time specially the teaching force, service oriented teachers from neighboring places extended their wholehearted services to the said school as a response to the challenge of molding the youth who are the future leaders of the Municipality, despite of the marginal compensation. They were Mr. Jesus Catre and his wife Nelly Catre, Mrs. Elvira Pambid, Mrs. Editha Beberino, Mr. Samuel Telin, and Mr. Francisco Saubon. The financial status of the school was locally funded a very marginal rate, until it was subsidized by the National Government. The National Government shouldered 70% and 30% from the local fund.

In the year 1984 typhon Nitang totally destroyed the Multipurpose building of Alegria Barangay High School that was the time when the Municipal Officials and the Barangay as well as the P.T.A Officials decided to look for a proper location or permanent lot intended for the high school development.

In the same year, with the joint effort and high determination pf the responsible people, two hectares lot of Don Julio Ouano state was donated by the heirs administered by Judge Fortunato Vailoces. The transfer of location of Alegria Barangay High School was done through the efforts of the Municipal Mayor Pedro A. Umipig and Barangay Captain Eleuterio R. Pongcol. They were responsible leaders for the great deal in the realization of the school site.

Sometimes in the year 1986, the social evolution of Alegria Barangay High School had reached its maturity when it became a Municipal High School towering on the two hectare school campus with concrete buildings and permanent school facilities like stage and concrete perimeter fences.

All the existing development of Alegria Municipal High School was taken cared and managed by the assigned School Principal, Mr. Mamerto R. Racaza from 1984 – 1990. In the year 1990, the assigned School Principal was transferred to Tubod Municipla High School. Due to the urgent need of the school head, Mr. Wilfredo Silvosa was temporarily assigned as the Officer-In charge from 1990-1991. Not so long, he was replaced by Dr. Norma S. Zamora as the permanent school principal sometimes in the year 1991.

During the administration of Dr. Norma S. Zamora as the school principal, may exiting projects were put up and realized because of the full support of the Local Government headed by service oriented Municipal Mayor, Hon. Ruben O. Zamora, until such time when there was a reshuffling of the school principal in the year 1998. Mrs. Norma S. Zamora was transferred to San Francisco National High School. Thus, Mr. Charlito R. Mantiza was assigned to supervise the school from September 1998 to March 2002.

Since there was a reshuffling of the Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Isabelita M. Borres, CESO VI was assigned as the School Division Superintendent in the Division of Surigao del Norte. During her administration, she ordered all administrators who have been reshuffled to go back to their respective station. Dr. Norma S. Zamora returned to her hometown and assigned again as the school principal of Alegria National High School effective April 2002 to present.

The realization and existence of Alegria Barangay High School, now Alegria National High School was through the combined effort pf the Municipal Officials, Barangay Officials, parents and teachers who in one way or another had taken part to put up the inerasable landmark of this institution, the Alegria National High School.

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